Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Our wee trip to Yorkshire Coast

As we're not getting away this autumn we booked ourselves a wee cottage just a few miles outside of Filey.

It was a beautiful wee village.

Here we are exploring the beach on the first night - holiday selfie!

Of course Pippa had to come too

We treated ourselves to fish and chips.... I have to say these were about the best fish and chips I've ever had.  

I'm not really one for fish and chips - that's the boyfriends preferred take away choice.  But man these were good

We had them on a bench overlooking the beach.  It was just perfect.  So romantic.

On saturday we drove to scarborough for the day

We played the slot games

We didn't win a penny but only spent pennies so who cares!

Pippa's not allowed on scarborough beach during the summer - they have a no dog rule, which quite frankly SUCKS.  In my opinion it's like saying 'no children'.  They make a mess, they pee in the sea, they leave rubbish everywhere, they're a trip hazard running around the place, what harm do little doggies do?  There should be a fine for not picking up after them and an enforced lead rule if anything but to ban all dogs is just ridiculous.  Sort it out scarborough council!

Anyway rant over.  We enjoyed the view from afar but as a consequence none of the businesses along by the beach got our trade!

The pirate boat is dog friendly tho!  Here we are having a quick trip out

Then that evening we drove up to Whitby Abby

Another dog friendly site!

And then we went to find the chip shop that was voted the 2014 best fish and chips in the uK

They were OK - but not as good as Inghams the previous night.

Pippa's looking for dracula here.

Then we had a walk around the town.  Pippa posed on some creels.  So cute

On sunday we went a walk by the cliffs.  These cliffs were really cool - they were completely white like chalk.  

It was like being on a different planet

Everyone wrote their names on stones with the lime stone and put them on the cliffs.

Here's our effort

Here is Pippa in the stones.  Just before this the boyfriend fell over.  It was quite funny

Then we went a walk along the top and by the lighthouse

Those cliffs were high - they gave me vertigo!

On the way home we found a miniature village so stuck our heads in

I have to say it was incredible.

The next day before we came home we went to the village where heartbeat and harry potter was filmed.

This is Hogwarts platform from the first film.  The steam railway still runs through it.

The next trip to yorkshire is going to involve a steam railway journey - they accept dogs! :)

Then we drove to another village where hogwarts was filmed which was really cute - it was the village in the last films.  The ice cream was great!

So much fun to have a quick break.  But too short.  Saving is hard.

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