Friday, 17 October 2014

Apple pie

Everyone's Granny used to make an apple pie right?  Well mine made the best ever!  Granny was an excellent baker, but she never wrote anything down - she just used to do it all from memory and now she can't remember how she used to make her apple pie!  I've always found it hard to eat anybody elses apple pie - let alone make one.  They just never cut it.  But as we've had such a harvest of apples this year from our tree in the garden, I was running out of patience for crumble, so thought I'd give it a go and put the skills from my pastry course last year to test!

I just boiled some of the apples down with sugar, lemon and a bit of water and cinnamon.  And then placed that over the top of layered, sliced apple.  The pastry was a sweet pastry recipe.

I was pretty happy with the results!

I've never attempted a lattice top on a pie before - it was super easy

Yummy with a dollop of chantilly cream!

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