Friday, 29 August 2014


So anybody who follows me on twitter or instagram you will know I have been getting really into crochet lately.

Whilst I love my sewing - I find it quite anti-social and when i'm in the sewing room I can't interact with the boyfriend... and when I'm sat watching a movie or box set with him I feel guilty I'm not sewing so I wanted something to do with my hands.  I do knit but on anything more complicated than a straight stitch it's impossible for me to knit and really watch something.  The boyfriend says I'm an angry knitter - not really the point, right?  But if he interrupts me when i'm in the middle of a lace pattern what do you expect?!  lol.  So anyway crochet seems a perfect fit.  I'd been wanting to learn for a while and I just started following videos on youtube and taught myself.

I'd been making granny squares for a while.... so I still have those piled up to put together in a blanket... so I just decided to keep going...

It started coming up fairly quickly

Soon enough I had a Pippa sized blanket...

She seemed to get pretty comfy in that there blanket....

And then later on that night still wouldn't let it go..

That face just says it all right?  Don't steal my blanket mum?  lol

Anyway I did (cruel mum) and it's still coming together really well now.... except I ran out of wool just a few crochets away from the end of a row - so I'm now awaiting my ebay delivery (hopefully tomorrow) as I'm getting crochet withdrawals.

It really is the perfect craft to do in front of the box and a great way to use up yarn!


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