Sunday, 27 July 2014

Quick Diamond Quilt

I've been meaning to make a quilt for Pippa for some time.  She always loves my quilts and I hate how the dog/cat hair gets stuck to them, so I figured if I made her, her own she could stop stealing mine!

I used some bits and pieces of either scraps I had left over, or fat quarters I have had in my stash for a LONG time

I wanted to make it pink for a girl dog! ;)

Out of each fat quarter I managed to get a rectangle piece for a triangle and a strip for binding later on

The bigger rectangle pieces I cut on the diagonal

Then use one light and one dark

And lay out to sew together... 


Use a dark, light, dark, light combo pile


This is for ease of grabbing, next to your machine

Just sew along the edge

Chain stitch to be thread economical!

Then iron to the light side

And this will be your first part of the block.  You need four of these to make one block

You make your diamond, by sewing the light or dark edges together.  You want to alternate how you do this for effect on the top.  I did a 9 block quilt. 

This is me trying out different designs.  I finally settled on the light vs dark design, rather than a giant pinwheel.

So I had 9 of these blocks, 3 per row.

The smaller strips from earlier I just sewed together to make a binding.  You could use it as a border and then use a plain colour for a binding, but I was happy with this.

So many different opportunities to play around with this design.  

I think Pippa's happy with this one tho

 She jumped straight on it.  Yawned and fell asleep

So that's one sewing companion happy.

Next it's time for Sparky to get his own quilt.  Here he is next to my machine on his favourite perch.

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