Saturday, 25 January 2014

Vintage Plates

Another beautiful find on our antiques hunt last Sunday.  The lady at the shop threw these in with my cabinet for free.  I have a bit of a thing for antique crockery.  There's just something so delicate and pretty about it.  The finish, the china, imagining who ate of it, what they were doing, who they were, that I just love!

I have quite a few bits and pieces now.  Vintage Kitchenalia is really a passion of mine.  I never thought I'd get into antiques the way I did, but I guess years Production Managing the Antiques Road Trip show has rubbed off on me!

I used to find myself in these bric a brac, shabby chic, antiques, vintage (whatever you want to call them) stores for work.. hanging around whilst the Director got the cutaway or the expert got the deal they wanted, but now I shop for pleasure!  To be fair, I had to ban myself from going on shoots when we were in production because I always came home with a boot full of 'stuff'!  

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