Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sewing Space Update

We went antiquing last Sunday and I found this gorgeous 1950s display cabinet that I took home and turned into my long awaited fabric stash cabinet!

I spent last night organising my fabric into colours and type.  Dress making on the top.... quilting on the bottom two shelves by colour.  It's so good to finally see all the lovely fabrics I have.  They were just stuffed in a plastic crate underneath the computer desk but now they're on display to inspire me over and over!  It's amazing what a difference a bit of organisation can make!

I got all my patterns out too.  I have the  Macaron Pattern by Colette to do.  I've been trying so hard to find time to start this but never quite getting there.  I'm also half of the way through the Kimono Burda top as inspired by Handmade Janes recent blog and I recently bought a couple of Simplicity patterns that I saw over on Adventures in Dressmaking that I want to try.

With all this sewing to do I'm going to have to buy more fabric - but now I have a gorgeous place to store it all!  

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