Friday, 9 August 2013

Warning! The boyfriends cooking dinner

Friday night.  I'm knackered.  I did all the housework this morning as it's my birthday tomorrow and I've got the new diamond edition blue ray Jungle Book DVD cued up on the player ready to watch!  Oh how I've been longing to watch the Jungle Book and could not find it anywhere!

Anyway.... this is the scene in my kitchen at the moment..... I think every pot, every dish, every utensil has made its way out of the cupboard and is essential to use in this master piece he is creating!

To be fair to him - it does smell delicious and when it's right, it's one of my favourite recipes of his - seafood pancakes!  I've just heard an exuberant 'yes' bellow through - so it must have mean he's tossed his pancake successfully!  This was preceded by some expletives and a smell of burning so I think the others found their way to the trash.....

Does the same thing happen in your house?  sometimes it's easier to call the take away than rope them in.

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