Monday, 19 August 2013

Birthday Weekend

Last time I wrote, the boyfriend was in the kitchen making the dinner.  Seafood pancakes?  Well they turned out real good.  

I just love the combination of the soft pancake, the zinginess of the seafood and the crispness of the plain salad.  Yum!

I don't really get excited about my own birthdays anymore.  That stopped when I turned 30.  I've also been in a state of mind where I am 34 for the past year, so turning 34 feels a bit like groundhog day!  I'm not really sure why.  I just kind of skipped being 33.  So anyway I'm 34.  That's not to say my birthday wasn't lovely all the same.  The boyfriend gave me some lovely presents including tickets to go see The Band Perry in November when they play Glasgow which I am excited about.

Pippa gave me lots of cuddles!

I went to the salon in the morning for a lovely massage.  It was amazing as I hadn't been in quite some time.  Then we had a walk along Byres Road and looked around all the antique stores.  And we stopped at Kember and Jones for some birthday cake afternoon tea!

Chocolate and raspberry.  Delish!

Then there was just enough time to dash home, spruce up and go to the crab shakk for dinner.

Doesn't the boy scrub up well?

I've wanted to go to this place for such a long time!  I had langoustines and oysters to start with

The oysters were really good!

The boyfriend had tais and scallops - you can tell he enjoyed it.

And for mains he had the crab.  Which was done really well

He was going to make sure he got every piece of meat out of this bad boy!

I think a bit of that shell landed in the other diners bowl!

 I had some halibut in a thai sauce.  It was not good :(
It cost me £19.95 and here were 4 pieces of halibut and a burnt sauce.  They'd over done the spices and it just tasted scorched.  Quite irritating really.

Never mind :(  We really enjoyed our meal but I won't be rushing to go back.  I grew up on seafood at home.  We had our own boat, our own creels and we ate lobster and crab as often as we wanted, so I always grudge paying the prices it costs to get good seafood down here.  But it was a nice meal out.
Also - they didn't have a pinot grigio on the wine menu (!!!) Weird.

We then went for cocktails and drank a few more than we should have.

the next day I snuggled up with Pippa and ordered mexican food and watched movies!

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