Monday, 19 August 2013

Adventure Puss

The cat came to us from a rescue shelter.  We love him.  He's been an indoor cat ever since we got him, but since we got the dog, he seems to want to go out.  We don't let him as he was found a stray and the rescue centre advised us against letting him out in case he's just a wanderer.

He's managed to get out on a couple of occasions, but he normally scares himself silly within seconds and runs back inside, which makes us think he has always been a house cat.

Anyway yesterday afternoon he must've climbed out the open kitchen window and went on an adventure to next doors garden!  Our next door neighbour is a dog walker and always has a garden full of dogs.  We could hear all the dogs going barking mad over something, and then Pippa started growling and the next minute Puss appears through the kitchen window!  Wherever he'd been he'd given himself an awful fright and I don't think he'll be going out again for a while.

He'll be sticking to his duvet now.

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