Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Boyfriends 30th Birthday

The morning of his birthday I was just so excited.  Somehow it's always way more fun planning things for other people than it is for yourself.

I woke him up early to give him his presents.  I think he was excited.  Then there was so much to do.  Food to prepare, house to decorate.  Thank goodness my Mam was here to help - all those decorations don't hang themselves! 

Eventually we got everything ready.  Sandys family arrived, everyone ate, they drank and they wished him happy birthday.  Can't ask for more than that really.  

Here comes the birthday boy

 I think he's chuffed!

Maybe not so chuffed at being 30!

Definitely chuffed about the costco cake! mmmm - puts my baking to shame.

Those bloody helium balloons!

Happy birthday to you.....

One with the parents!  Mc-Cracking-smiles!

With the bestie.  I'm so pleased they all offered to not let the birthday boy do all the cooking!

some chums!

Now - get packed, get ready - Prague tomorrow!  Now where's the passports!?

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