Friday, 26 July 2013


It seems like ages ago now - it really has been only 3 weeks but our little mini break to Prague was so much fun.  We arrived on the Thursday night and our hotel was really close to the Charles IV bridge.  So we took a walk into the town and found a good place for dinner and beer!  The beer was so yummy - the food was so stodgy.  The boyfriend definitely enjoyed his goulash in a bread bowl!  I had some yummy chicken, spinach dish washed down with a pint of beer!

We then just basically spent the rest of the weekend, wandering, eating, drinking, wandering, eating drinking.  But it's such a beautiful city to wander in - so many gorgeous things to look at

The famous old town square

 View off the brides, then followed by some more beer

 and some more

 and another pint

or maybe two - we were at a brewery here - you've got to try the local stuff, right?

I love the big frothy heads on their beer - it's like eating an ice cream cone!

Wipe your mouth
 And more ghoulish!  sandy will eat anything in a bread bowl

 oh and apple strudel - this was super yum!

couple of pints to wash it all down with...... starting to get the bloat a bit by this point

look at the view - this was on the walk down from the brewery
 stop for a wee two shot!

 probably a wee bit tipsy on beer by now too

the whole city was just beautiful

even the dang steps!

 a street beer when we got to the bottom, with some potato chips.  Those were about the best potato chips I've ever eaten (maybe it was the beer)

 but the boyfriend seemed to enjoy them too

 look at the castle in the background - had to pose for a quick pic

 couple more beers - look at them heads!

 Oooft... the next night it was wine for me!  but the czech wine - not good.  They might have beer nailed - but they need to take a tip from the french on the vino!

Sandy guzzles those beers right down....

 hmmmm - not sure what to do next really

 drink some more1
 Eat some more food in a bowl - this was soup.... it was very good

mmmm beer, mmmm food......

 this is about the healthiest thing I consumed the whole trip

 a wee trip on the tram

 another pose on the bridge!

 a two shot

 ice cream sundaes! oh and spot the cocktail in the back - it was a raspberry mojito  actually pretty good

 More tram rides - we might as well be locals now!  we've learnt the ropes.  beer, food in bowls made of bread and ride the tram!  Not forgetting to stamp your ticket!

nailed it!
 A wee trip up to the castle.

 There really is only so much culture one can consume in one day....

i think i'm being told off for taking photos in this one - sandy's giving me the girn...

This chapel really was something else - the stain glass windows were amazing.

I think this was solid gold!  the czech's know how to do a castle.

 The clock tower!

 see how we've filled out a bit now - oooft.... bloated!

 last night - card game.  I think I won.  No i definitely did.

 meat platter!  i rarely eat meat and i gorged on this.  The sausage in prague is one of the best!

 This was our favourite beer.  Prizes if you can pronounce it!  Krusovice.

 And then home.  To a 3 week detox!  man I was bloated  couldnt even tie my coat up by the time we left!!!  But it was worth it.  What a trip.  I think the boyriend enjoyed his 30th birthday present!

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