Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday nights

Monday nights are now my new favourite night.  Mondays are traditionally so depressing - the weekend is over, back to work, a full week ahead.  I say 'blah' to all of that.  Since I've started taking Pippa to her training class on Monday night, I now look forward to them!  I manage to put dinner in the slow cooker before we leave the house - tonight veggie chilli - come home after work, quick bite to eat and then we drive up to Strathblane for her class.  The drive up there is lovely and makes me wonder what I'm doing still living in the city! (I always promised myself I wouldn't be for much longer but that's another story!).... the class is in a lovely old village hall and the other dogs are so cute and lovely and Pippa (and I!!) really enjoying meeting them.  She always comes home knackered.
Here she is doing her 'grooming' section at tonight's class.  We really had no problem there as she's so used to being groomed!

To be honest I'm pretty knackered myself now too....

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