Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cavalier Shows

A few weeks ago we took the dog to a Cavalier Party.  Pippa had so much fun meeting all the other Cavs (as did I!).  They really are the best natured dogs.

Here she is settling in to the day....getting used to seeing all the other dogs - she's amazingly a wee bit shy

Look at this!  Twins.  This other tri colour is called Matilda.  Lovely dog.  She became my best friend and sat on my knee for strokes for ages.  So friendly.

And this beautiful ruby is called Saffie.  Her owner is 92 years old and has been showing dogs for years!  How amazing is that?  She also knows our breeder that we got Pippa from.
I literally fell in love with this lovely, lovely dog.  I wanted to take her home.

I really want a ruby friend for Pippa - and look, don't you think she suits it!  A ruby matches her eyebrows.  The boyfriend says when we move to a bigger house we can get another dog.
It was just the nicest day.  

We entered Pippa in the fancy dress costume with her kilt and she came fourth!  not bad.  

See the dog beside us - the other tri - it came as an actual Cavalier.  That deserved to win! It had a sword and everything.  And there was a King! Cute.  But some kids and their dogs in super hero outfits did! 

Look at her smile!  LOVE!

She just loved being on show.  So I've decided to get into showing her.  She is such a good pedigree and from such a good stock - her stud is regularly a First in shows so she's got the genes for it!

As you know we've started the obedience classes and then in a couple of weeks time we're going to start going to ringcraft classes and seeing how she gets on.  So hopefully next year we can start going to the shows.  There's the Kennel Club scotland one in August that we're going to go and spectate at and the Cavalier Show in October, which we're going to go along too as well.  Just to get a feel for it.  

We're both excited.  It will be good fun and as they say 'you always take the best dog home' and I know I definitely do!

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